Through the use of everyday disposable materials such as fabric, fibers, batting, lace, plastics, ready-made objects; along with natural materials and the earth, I create sculpture, installations, site-specific works, and video's which explore the internal and external conditions and connections shared by both the human body and the environment.

Play Ground, a visual and sound site-specific Installation at Chashama's Storefront Window Gallery, 266 West 37th Street.  For further images, click on Site-Specific Works.

Postcard Photo detail "Play Ground". Click postcard text below for further info.
Play Ground Sidewalk frontal view

Surface Undulations of Dislocation II;  Video and Stills

"Surface Undulation of Dislocation II", Video Still

My work addresses the seemingly contradictory, incongruent and complex forces that define and inhabit our lives. Out of this, I find vulnerbility, absurdity and estrangement to be inclusive parts of our reality as well as a penchant for the body and the earth to undergo change.

The following "Transbilayer Bundle" sculptures are part of the series "Surface Undulations of Dislocation I". 

"Transbilayer Bundle #4", 27"x47"x12", Mixed media
2nd View, "Transbilayer Bundle #4"
"Transbilayer Bundle #5", 14"x24"x12", Mixed media
2nd View,"Transbilayer Bundle #5"
"Transbilayer Bundle #6", 39"x14"x10", Mixed media
2nd View, "Transbilayer Bundle #6"
"Transbilayer Bundles 1,2,3", 42"x84"x24", Mixed media
Detail of "Transbilayer Bundle #3"

Video Stills from "Surface Undulations of Dislocation II", filmed at White Sands Monument, New Mexico; November 2003. Total time: 7:35

As a visual and conceptual extension of the sculptural works, the video explores the relationship between body and land through the spontaneos movements of two semi-transparent plastic rain poncho's as they interact with light and sand; while aircrafts, the wind and human breathe sound in the background.