Play Ground is a site-specific Storefront Window Installation that was on view from March 18th - April 8th, 2006 at 266 Wset 37th Street, NYC and sponsored by the non-profit organization chashama.  The installation measures @ 12' x 15' at its widest points and is over 13' tall.  Made from discarded infant clothing, objects, domestic handicrafts, fabric and lace, the piece also incorporates vintage sounds and the  glass windowed storefront into the piece.   

Play Ground, 266 West 37th Street, NYC

Play Ground peers into our individual and collective psyches to examine how common childhood and domestic elements effect our historical, cultural and personal perspectives and relate to such diverse aspects of human activity as aggression and submission, war and peace, bio and genetic enginerring.

Play Ground at night, 266 West 37th Street
"Reverberations" is a site-specific installation that consists of five consecutive 'sound waves' made of volcanic rock, industrial tubings and dried plant life replanted into the earth. Running across  a 20' sloping site, sounds were 'buried' within the earth which rise up at intervals throughout the day.  Located at Copper Mountain Campus, in Joshua Tree, CA, the installation was part of the Earthworks Now International 2005 Biennial.  Currently the visual part of the piece remains on view at the campus.

Recordings include local sounds of the natural, the artificial and the human voice.  "Reverberations" makes references to the mining history as well as imagery of past indigenous cultures from the area.  The work explores the role and impact of sound waves on our lives and memory. 

"Between the Trees"

"Between the Trees" is a series of site specific works installed on the grounds of Smith Castle in Wickford, Rhode Island; June through December 2003.  Located within a grove of cedars, the trees function as both armatures and intergral parts of the sculptures.   Along with elements of nature; netting, fibers, plastics, metal, bits of mirror, glass and ready-made materials from daily life are utilized to bring forth the relationships, parallels and connections between Native American Indians, African Slaves and Early American Colonialists who once lived and worked upon this site with contemporary life today.

"Five Points", 5'x9'x4'; Mixed media
"Five Points", Detail
"Five Points" 2nd View
"Five Points", Detail
"Memory Rungs", 9'x18", Mixed media
"Memory Rungs", Detail
"Gateway, Forget Me Not", 9'x4', Mixed media
"Gateway, Forget Me Not", Detail
Untitled", 6'x5", Mixed media
"Untitled", Detail