Wall Sculpture and Drawings


This is a series of small scale Mixed Media wall works made from plaster and silicone rubber sculptures casted from vintage muffin, cake, candy and cookie tins mixed with a range of ephemeral materials, including paper dolls, beads, plastic flowers and string.

"Swirl", Mixed Media, 2010
"Seed Studies", Mixed Media, 2010
Installation of "Freshly Baked" Mixed Media works, 2010
"Sprout Watch", Mixed Media, 2010

From the "Surface Undulations of Dislocation, I" series;

"Protein #1, # 2, & # 3" with detail,

Mixed media; felt, fibers, thread.

"Vescile # 1  # 2"  and # 3",

Mixed media; muslin, fibers, plastic & twig

"Surface Undulation of Dislocation, Study # 4 & #5 (Pucker)"

Works on Paper; oil crayon and pencil